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Extrusion Plant in  Coimbatore
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Extrusion plants are industrial facilities that specialize in the process of extrusion. Extrusion is a manufacturing process that involves pushing or forcing a material through a shaped die to create a continuous profile with a fixed cross-sectional shape. This process is commonly used in the production of plastic, metal, and food products.

  • - Extruder: The central component of the plant is the extruder, which is a machine that melts and homogenizes plastic raw materials, such as granules or pellets. The extruder has a large screw that rotates within a heated barrel, gradually pushing the molten plastic material towards the die.
  • - Die: The die is a specially designed tool that shapes the molten plastic into the desired cross-sectional profile. It determines the final shape and dimensions of the extruded product. Dies can be customized for various applications, allowing for the production of different profiles, such as pipes, tubes, sheets, rods, or profiles with complex geometries.
  • - Cooling and Sizing Equipment: After the plastic material passes through the die, it needs to be cooled and solidified quickly to maintain its shape. Extrusion plants typically include cooling systems, such as water baths or air cooling units, to achieve rapid cooling. Sizing equipment may also be present to ensure precise dimensional control of the extruded product.
  • - Pulling or Haul-off System: Once the extruded product has solidified, it needs to be pulled or hauled off from the die at a controlled speed. This is typically done using caterpillar-like pulling systems equipped with rubber belts or clamps that grip the extruded material and transport it downstream.
  • - Cutting and Finishing Equipment: Depending on the application, extruded products may need to be cut into specific lengths or undergo additional processes, such as punching, drilling, or surface treatment. Extrusion plants often include cutting equipment, such as saws or knives, and finishing stations to meet these requirements.

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Extrusion Plant in  Coimbatore

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