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Rope Making Machines 25-55 mm

Rope Making Machines 25-55 mm


Akiropes is the one of the biggest manufacturers & supplier of Rope Making Machines 25-55 mm
We Export Rope Making Machines 25-55 MM over worldwide

Product Description

Model No. In Standard In PLC Based No. of Ply Rope Size No. of Bobbin
APPL/2555/3/300 NA Yes 3 25 to 44 mm 3 X 100 = 300
APPL/2555/4/352 NA Yes 4 25 to 44 mm 4 x 88 = 352

Technical Specification

Model Type : Mechanical & PLC

Rope Range : 25MM to 55mm

Strand Flyer RPM : 250

Rope Flyer RPM : 125

Twist Per Minute : Twice the Flyer

Rope Lay : Z-Type

Twist Range : 2-12

Pay of Package Size : (250 MM Dia x 250 MM Tra x 38/24 MM Hole)

Take up Capacity : 370 Kgs

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