Inflow Twister

Key Features

  • Touch Screen display PLC have controller.
  • Pneumatic system available for door opening / closing.
  • RPM/Twist values can be changed in touch screen display. No need to change any mechanical setting.
  • Available Internet Connectivity (Wi-Fi)
  • Low energy consumption, Low noise level
  • Simply Generate Daily / Weekly / Monthly Report in excel formate
  • Highly Reliable, Highly Efficient
  • Set features for Weight & Length
  • Direct Packages : 150mm x 150mm, 200mm x 200mm, 250mm x 250mm, 300mm x 300mm (With/Without tube)

What is inflow type twister ?

Inflow Twister is used to Twist and make Cross Winded packages    ( with or without core/Paper Tube ) of the Flat filament feeding from outside Creel. This Machine is mainly used with PP Fibrillated Tape Extrusion Line for making Baler Twine (Bailing Twine).

  • Machine Description
  • Inflow Twister
  • Model no.
  • APPL/IF-100
Inflow Twister Video